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Article: From minimal to party wear, Aadyaa’s collection of silver earrings.

From minimal to party wear, Aadyaa’s collection of silver earrings.

From minimal to party wear, Aadyaa’s collection of silver earrings.


One of the best accessories to adorn are earrings and it’s an icing on the top if they are silver earrings. Let them be silver bugadi, silver studs, minimal office wear jewellery or party wear jewellery, silver accessories are the ones that can be styled with any outfit because of the versatility. Earrings are not just a mere piece of jewellery that women adorn, but it’s a part of their personality that makes it such an important accessory for them.


Earrings are a go to accessory for every time you step out of the house, then let it be a party, a casual dinner or whether you are going to work. Because of the below mentioned factors earrings are the most hassle-free accessory:

1) Versatility: Let it be a party to attend, earrings are available in end number of styles, shapes, sizes which makes them easier to style.

2) Enhanced appearance: Earrings have the power to draw attention towards face and accentuate hairstyles, adding a touch of sophistication and allure.

3) Timelessness: Earrings have been worn throughout cultural history making them a timeless piece. Earrings are the only fashion that did not receive downfall.

Expect these points earrings allow self-expression and they upgrade our style instantly.


Significance of earrings in Indian fashion:

1) Cultural symbolism:  Earrings are often imbued with cultural symbolism, representing various aspects of Indian heritage and tradition.

2) Marital status: In many parts of India, newly married women may wear elaborate earrings as a symbol of their marriage.

3)  Religions significance: Earrings are worn as a part of traditional attire during religious festivals and ceremonies, symbolising devotion and spirituality.

4) Completing the look: Earrings are considered to complete the look of any traditional outfit. They add a finishing touch to the attire and create a perfect ensemble.


Aadyaa’s earring collection:

By keeping the note of the cultural aspects in mind, we at Aadyaa create the most stunning pieces you will ever come across. Our one of a kind design & personal touches make it irresistible for shoppers to keep their hands off these 92.5% silver earrings.

Aadyaa’s 92.5% silver earrings collection is India’s largest silver earring collection. Aadyaa is one step destination to all your earring needs, from simple tops, hoops, bugadi, dejhoor they have it all. Aadyaa’s 92.5% silver earrings comprise of all the variety i.e. hoops, sui dhaaga, dhejoor, bugadi, and what not.


Hoops: Hoops are simple circular earrings that can be worn in day-to-day life for a casual dinner or just an office day.

Sui dhaaga: As the term suggests sui(needle) and dhaaga(thread), the earring is inspired from these traditional items found in every Indian household. They are made using pearls, metals or enamel.

Dejhoor: Dehjoor is an ornament worn by Kashmiri Pandits brides(traditionally), before the day of their wedding, nowadays not only Kashmir Pandit brides but everyone adorns this ornament.

Bugadi: Bugadi earrings, also known as Bugadi or Vanki, are traditional Maharashtrian earrings, these earrings are characterized by their unique design, featuring a curved shape that follows the contour of the ear and often adorned with intricate detailing and gemstones.



To conclude, earrings are not only a piece of accessory in India but they also hold deep cultural history and significance. Aadyaa not only makes designer jewellery but also sees to it that the cultural significance behind it is maintained to protect the rich history and heritage.

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