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About Us

House of Aadyaa is a leading brand for handcrafted 92.5 silver jewellery in India.

(आद्य), meaning "origin," embodies new beginnings and artistic expression. Our pieces,
made with love, combine traditional techniques with modern designs. We house one of
the largest collections of handmade silver jewellery which celebrate every style,
preference and occasion.

The Story of Aadyaa

Aadyaa was not born in a boardroom. We never planned on becoming a jewellery brand, but sometimes the most beautiful things in life happen by chance. Our founder, Sayalee Marathe developed an interest in jewellery quite accidentally. An engineer by qualification, Sayalee had a thriving career as a SAP consultant which took her to different parts of the country and the world. She has worked with reputed
companies like IBM, Deloitte, Siemens, CSC and Capgemini. While in the UK, she chanced upon jewellery making kits at the local store. She started making small trinkets for herself, friends, family and colleagues. Soon enough, she started getting customisation requests to which she happily obliged.

Sparked by a love for design, Sayalee began crafting jewellery with local Indian beads upon returning home in 2013. Encouraged by loved ones and a growing social media following (starting with Facebook), she turned her hobby into a brand Aadyaa. Sayalee's dedication grew with her audience, leading her to leave her SAP consulting career and focus full-time on Aadyaa after reaching 2,50,000 followers on Facebook. From humble beginnings at local exhibitions, Aadyaa has blossomed into a thriving brand. Aadyaa's journey continued with a website launch and experimentation with various materials and techniques. A pivotal moment came in 2015 with our first Pune studio (180 sqft!), a space filled with memories and client connections that laid the foundation for our
growth. In 2016, "Itihaas," our debut collection in pure silver, revolutionised traditional
Maharashtrian designs. The success of Itihaas led to increased demand, a growing team, and in late 2017, Sayalee's husband, Jaydeep Hingne, officially joined as co-founder. His experience from KPMG and Thomas Cook brought invaluable structure and support in areas like compliance, legal matters, and vendor management, propelling Aadyaa forward. Since 2018, our flagship Pune store has grown from strength to strength every year.

Today, House of Aadyaa Pune is a beautiful three storied building which houses our team and all our dreams! Our flagship store in Mumbai opened its doors in March 2022, and our flagship store in Bengaluru opened its doors in June 2024. The Aadyaa family has grown by leaps and bounds. A 24-member strong team, patrons from across the globe and shipments to more than 90 countries; House of Aadyaa is writing new stories

Our Team

WE – The force behind AADYAAThe strength of Aadyaa as much as it lies in its design and creative capabilities also lies in the passion and focus with which our team works together. We are indeed WE and that is the most significant part of our story.
As a first-generation business, we take great pride in being self-sustained and never forget our humble roots from where we began. We know that with teamwork and the right amount of passion and hardwork we will be successful and grow steadily to make Aadyaa a brand to reckon with in the world of jewelry retail.

Meet Our Team

In the team, Sayalee heads our creative and product design lead. She also manages all our social media & marketing functions. Jaydeep leads the areas of operations, legal, vendor management and also looks after new collaboration opportunities. Suvarna is our enthusiastic studio manager, who manages studio operations & inventories. Our hardworking hands-on team of Aboli, Vaishali, Shruti, Laxmi, Kajal & Shivaji work in the studio. Vighnesh, Shraddha & Vinod manage all the online orders for their packaging and shipping. Sanjana and Vinayak manage our communication channels & they also do brand development. Tasmin and Soni are based in Mumbai and they handle all the operations at our Bandra (W) studio.

 Rohan is our in-house photographer and is the key person for bringing Aadyaa creations look beautiful through his lens work, brilliant setups, props, and locations for the photoshoots. Shubham is Aadyaa's Brand Elevator & Social Media Manager. He contributes to brainstorming and ideations for brand development and also assists in social media ads. Sanika works closely with Sayalee, Shubham and Rohan in content creation and new product ideation areas. Bhargavi handles social media, and Nandini adds her creative touch to every design. Subodh handles the website and e-commerce marketplaces.

Sayali Kelkar works directly with Sayalee and Jaydeep to implement various initiatives across the teams. She also handles our HR and compliance works.

All these members work as one cohesive force that brings Aadyaa to life every day and delivers the joy of the wonderful & unique creations of jewellery.

Our Journey


  • Aadyaa’s website was launched
  • 1st ever Aadyaa studio opened which was less than 200 sqft
  • First marathi movie jewelry made for Timepass 2

Our Journey


  • First trial of silver jewellery
  • Achieved a milestone of 300,000 followers on Facebook business page
  • News coverage on Zee 24 Taas

Our Journey


  • Launched 1st silver jewellery collection “Itihaas”.
  • Jaydeep joined as a full time Co-founder/director

Our Journey


-Shifted to a bigger studio

-Launch of Indian Summer & Ghungroo Collection

-Converted into a company from proprietorship

Our Journey


  • Launch of Indian Summer & Ghungroo Collection
  • Started experimenting with multiple precious and semi-precious stones

Our Journey


  • Incubated at IIM-Bengaluru
  • Works started in the current 4500 sqft new studio in Pune
  • Unique "Swarna Rajat collection" launch

Our Journey


  • 4500 sqft House of Aadyaa established near J M Road, Pune
  • Launch of Aadyaa's alternative cultural space , Aayaam.

Our Journey


  • National award for heritage and revival by NITI aayog and UN
  • Aadyaa just leveled up! The second studio opened in Bandra, Mumbai
  • Selected as part of first cohort of the IVY league school , Cornell University , New-York