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Ghungroo by Aadyaa, houses handcrafted, pure silver creations that predominantly feature the Ghungroo motif.  We recreate the special significance attached to this motif. All the designs are crafted keeping in mind the fluidity of thought and seamlessly blend the traditional Ghungroo into a more modern, contemporary setting.  This thought guided us all throughout the designing process, to make each and every creation in this collection utterly unique and a head turner!

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Tikali Choker SetTikali Choker Set
Tikali Choker Set Sale priceRs. 20000
Delicate Ghungroo Motif SetDelicate Ghungroo Motif Set
Delicate Ghungroo Motif Set Sale priceRs. 9500
Nakshi Ghungroo EarringsNakshi Ghungroo Earrings
Nakshi Ghungroo Earrings Sale priceRs. 6500
Save 31%Ghungroo Bunch MangalsutraGhungroo Bunch Mangalsutra
Ghungroo Bunch Mangalsutra Sale priceRs. 5000 Regular priceRs. 7200
Signature Aadyaa Ghungroo Nakshi SetSignature Aadyaa Ghungroo Nakshi Set
Save 21%Ghungroo BugadiGhungroo Bugadi
Ghungroo Bugadi Sale priceRs. 7500 Regular priceRs. 9500
Chakra Filigree Ghungroo Earrings: Hook StyleChakra Filigree Ghungroo Earrings: Hook Style
Ghungroo Chain AnkletGhungroo Chain Anklet
Ghungroo Chain Anklet Sale priceRs. 13000
Save 22%Ghungroo Nath (Left, Pierced)Ghungroo Nath (Left, Pierced)
Ghungroo Nath (Left, Pierced) Sale priceRs. 3500 Regular priceRs. 4500
Ghungroo Bunch Earrings (Double): Hook StyleGhungroo Bunch Earrings (Double): Hook Style
Ghungroo Chandbali: Hook StyleGhungroo Chandbali: Hook Style
Save 20%Silver Ghungroo DejhoorSilver Ghungroo Dejhoor
Silver Ghungroo Dejhoor Sale priceRs. 6000 Regular priceRs. 7500
Silver Chandrakor Ghungroo Nath (Left, Clip on)Silver Chandrakor Ghungroo Nath (Left, Clip on)
Silver Chandrakor ghungroo RingSilver Chandrakor ghungroo Ring
Silver Ghungroo RingSilver Ghungroo Ring
Silver Ghungroo Ring Sale priceRs. 3500
Save 22%Ghungroo Nath (Left, Clip on)Ghungroo Nath (Left, Clip on)
Ghungroo Nath (Left, Clip on) Sale priceRs. 3500 Regular priceRs. 4500
Save 29%Gold Plated Ghungroo DejhoorGold Plated Ghungroo Dejhoor
Gold Plated Ghungroo Dejhoor Sale priceRs. 6000 Regular priceRs. 8500
Save 13%a pair of necklaces and a pendant on a black surfacea silver necklace with a circular design on it
Signature Aadyaa Chakra Ghungroo Mangalsutra Set Sale priceRs. 19500 Regular priceRs. 22500
Sold outTikali Ghungroo EarringsTikali Ghungroo Earrings
Tikali Ghungroo Earrings Sale priceRs. 4000
Sold outSignature Aadyaa Chakra Ghungroo SetSignature Aadyaa Chakra Ghungroo Set
Sold outGhungroo ChandbaliGhungroo Chandbali
Ghungroo Chandbali Sale priceRs. 12500
Sold outGhungroo ThusheeGhungroo Thushee
Ghungroo Thushee Sale priceRs. 18500
Sold outGhungroo Bugadi (Clip on): Hook StyleGhungroo Bugadi (Clip on): Hook Style
Sold outGhungroo Bunch Earrings (Single): Hook StyleGhungroo Bunch Earrings (Single): Hook Style
Sold outGhungroo Chandbali: Hook StyleGhungroo Chandbali: Hook Style
Sold outGhungroo Chain ShortGhungroo Chain Short
Ghungroo Chain Short Sale priceRs. 18000
Sold outGhungroo Chain LongGhungroo Chain Long
Ghungroo Chain Long Sale priceRs. 28500
Sold outSilver Anklet with Two Line Ghungroo MotifSilver Anklet with Two Line Ghungroo Motif
Sold outGhungroo Chain BraceletGhungroo Chain Bracelet
Ghungroo Chain Bracelet Sale priceRs. 8500
Sold outSilver Chandrakor Ghungroo Nath (Left, Pierced)Silver Chandrakor Ghungroo Nath (Left, Pierced)