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Article: A Guide to Selecting Unique Silver Jewellery for Men

A Guide to Selecting Unique Silver Jewellery for Men

A Guide to Selecting Unique Silver Jewellery for Men

If you are looking to shop for unique silver men’s jewellery, below are some pointers to aid your selection:


History has witnessed men adorning jewellery depicting the power and wealth that they carried. It was largely viewed as a status of grandeur and influence. Hence, statement pieces designed in heavy gold and precious stones were worn by men at the time. However, as time progressed, jewellery for women became predominant as men gradually moved away from this grand accessory. But, in recent years, men’s jewellery has seen a resurgence. Men no longer consider it as a mere accessory; it has become a medium to demonstrate their personal style and confidence. They are breaking stereotypes and are willing to experiment with their look and choices.

Let us look at the factors that have led to renewed interest of men in this traditional accessory in today’s times.

  • Variety in materials and designs: Availability of contemporary or modern jewellery in affordable light weight metals like silver and variety of designs is appealing to men of all age groups and occasions.


Silver jewellery has become quite popular among men. Silver is a great metal to create various statement jewellery pieces like Kadas, Chains, Bracelets and has the versatility to combine with precious and semi-precious stones in Rings, Brooches and Necklaces.  


  • Customized and personalized jewellery: In the modern era, brands and designers are going the extra mile to create customized accessories to suit one’s individual style and needs. Customers can add a personal touch through engraving their names, initials or zodiac signs on silver pendants, silver rings, and silver bracelets.


  • Online and retail availability: E-commerce websites in addition to retail stores have given a great boost to purchasing men’s jewellery. Online stores offer convenience, vast variety of designs along with competitive pricing. It has become a convenient medium to buy jewellery not just for men, but for all the women who are always looking for unique gifting options for men.


  • Celebrity and influencer spotting: Celebrities and influencers have changed the perception of men towards jewellery. Men have become more fashion conscious and open to experimentation.



How can men accessorize their jewellery for different occasions:

Silver Jewellery can add a touch of class and finesse to any outfit when accessorized as per the appropriate occasion. For formal or corporate events, men can opt for silver cufflinks and silver tie pins to keep the look classy. To sport a cool and casual look, they can select from a variety of silver ear studs, rings, bracelets, and silver chains for men. Weddings and traditional occasions demand grand accessories like beaded necklaces, silver kurta buttons or sherwani buttons, earpieces like silver bhikbalis and silver brooches.

Handcrafted 92.5 silver jewellery for men has gained a lot of popularity in recent times and it is only getting in more popular every day.



Men’s jewellery, handmade in 92.5 silver is no longer confined as a fashion accessory for a few. Any individual who is preparing for a grand or special celebration or just wants to add a touch of sophistication to his look can now choose from a variety of options available today catering as per his style and preferences. So, if you wish to treat yourself or someone else today, you are one click closer to that unique shopping experience.

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