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Article: From dainty to dazzling: About Aadyaa’s collection of silver nose pins

From dainty to dazzling:  About Aadyaa’s collection of silver nose pins

From dainty to dazzling: About Aadyaa’s collection of silver nose pins



Nose pins are the epitome of a subtle yet eye-catching fashion statement. That's why a little nose bling can go a very long way. Aadyaa’s nose rings add a special spark of personality to your outfits whether it's for a casual get together or even an elegant affair. They don't overwhelm your face and are perfect for adorning your nose.


History of nose pins

Nose pins capture attention at first glance, and have been doing so since 4000 years in the Middle East, people starting piercing their noses. It is speculated that the tradition traveled to India with the Mughals' arrival in the 16th century. The Bible is also one of the oldest primary sources with references to nose piercings. In ancient Ayurvedic medicine, nose piercings were believed to enhance female fertility. Over time, nose pins became significant in various societies, representing marital status, social standing, and beauty. They have evolved into diverse styles, materials, and designs, gaining global popularity as a form of self-expression and fashion.

Aadyaa’s silver nose pins are bringing the rich history and culture of silver jewellery to the youth in India today. Silver, in many Indian cultures, is considered auspicious and is often associated with purity. Silver nose pins have played a significant role in Indian jewellery due to economic, and aesthetic factors.



Significance of nose pins in Indian fashion

A nose accessory is a coming-of-age ritual of sorts and signifies womanhood, elegance, and for some even a sense of rebellion. In India, the nose piercing is as much a part of tradition as bangles, a mangalsutra or a bindi. It is believed that when a woman wears a nose pin Goddess Parvati blesses the one with abundant love and care from her partner.  In traditional Indian culture, the nose pin is often given as a gift by the groom's family to the bride on the day of the wedding.  In India, nose pins have weaved together historical, spiritual, religious, and personal dimensions of jewellery.


Types of nose pins

Aadyaa offers 2 types of nose pins

1.Pierced nose pins- Being the most common type of nose pins, pierced nose pins are original, authentic accessories. Aadyaa offers an assortment of silver nose pins in diverse and captivating designs, to help you achieve sophistication


2.Clip on nose pins- Not having a nose piercing shouldn't stop you from wearing nose accessories, and Aadyaa offers a wide range of clip-on nose pins so anyone can accessorize themselves showcasing their quirky, individual personality.



Aadyaa’s nose pin collection 

Aadyaa’s nose pin collection is India's largest silver nose pin collection. Their intricately crafted, handmade silver nose pin collection, in 92.5 sterling silver, can be an ideal addition to your jewellery box and can adorn your face, being a vessel for you to showcase your personality in an exquisite manner. Aadyaa’s silver nose accessories serve as a form of self-expression, and their unique designs and various styles can cater to anyone's silver nose pin needs.


Celebrities Spotted Wearing Aadyaa's Nose pins




To conclude, At Aadyaa, one can choose from several different motifs taking inspiration from nature to geometry, tradition to modernism, and from minimalism to boldness.

Aadyaa offers nose pins that take influence from traditional heirlooms. Some designs are whimsical, colorful, and artsy whereas others are simplistic and tasteful.

One can always find a nose pin crafted flawlessly for them at Aadyaa.

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