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Article: Silver jewellery trends that will dominate in 2024

Silver jewellery trends that will dominate in 2024

Silver jewellery trends that will dominate in 2024

Fashion keeps changing every now and then, and jewellery, as one of the important fashion pillars, is no exception to this fact. We are in the first quarter of year 2024 and following are some of the notable trends we have observed in silver jewellery segment:



Even if there is no dearth of readymade products in silver jewellery segment, there is a huge section of people that is now looking to get their own thoughts, their feelings imbibed into a piece of jewellery that they’d wear. It could be a family bond; or love for music; or celebrating a milestone; or being a pet-parent or something very unique that other people may not understand.


At Aadyaa, we have addressed this need through a collection called ‘Akshar’ wherein we create rings, brooches, necklaces, pendants, tie-pins and many more custom creations that are based on unique inputs received from each patron. Our patrons have flaunted these creations by themselves; as well as gifted them to their near and dear ones to celebrate or cherish some personal moments.  



Minimalism & Geometry

Minimalism in jewellery has long been appreciated by a certain set of patrons, but now it’s a choice of a greater number of people across the globe. Instead of going for a bulky and gaudy piece of jewellery, consumers are now preferring chic products that help accentuate their personality through these minimalistic products. Silver jewellery is no exception to this trend. Aadyaa has created minimalistic jewellery and has been adding onto it every season. The latest additions include earrings, pendants in different geographical shapes such as spiral, triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, square. The textures are also unique. Some pieces are hammered, some are made using wire drawing, some are made using only the bending of flat surface.

Aadyaa houses one of the largest collections of such products including earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, pendants, hair accessories that are minimalistic in design but very chic. 



Nature inspired designs

Abundance of motifs provided by the nature is unparalleled. The beauty, the varieties, the colors, the textures! At Aadyaa, we have observed that most consumers are now wanting to connect back with their roots and with nature through their apparel and fashion accessories – including jewellery. Indian Summer collection from Aadyaa that houses Lotus Leaves, Peepal leaves, Gulbahaar, Lotus flowers, Peacocks, Raw mangoes in various creations such as pendants, mangalsutras, rings, earrings has been around for a while, but the interest generated in it in 2024 is just unprecedented.



Retro styling

Nowadays, fashion ideology from 1960s and 1970s is also picking a lot of interest. Especially amongst men! Cufflinks, Bolo Ties, Brooches, Earcuffs are some of the trending creations that are doing excellently well in 2024. Retro styling is been one of the newer projects at Aadyaa, and it has received a fantastic response as well.  



House of Aadyaa has been consistently following and launching creations based on the current trends. It has also created some unique collections such as Swarna Rajat that are setting new trends because that space was never explored by any other brand earlier. We believe that it’s essential to keep innovating as well as keeping in touch with global and Indian fashion trends to provide a supreme choice of quality backed creations to all our patrons.

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Beautiful handmade designer silver jewellery is crafted with precision and artistry, reflecting exquisite designs and intricate patterns. These pieces often incorporate traditional motifs with a modern twist, creating timeless and elegant accessories. From earrings and necklaces to rings and bracelets, handmade designer silver jewellery offers a touch of sophistication and charm, perfect for any occasion.

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