Vel Necklace

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The Filigree Collection by Aadyaa houses creations handcrafted from silver wires. We design all the creations in-house. Using silver to bring Filigree work to life ensures that all the intricate details of this art are done absolute justice. Silver is also very easy to maintain and goes well with all sorts of outfit choices. Creating designs in Filigree is a challenging task and requires a lot of focus coupled with gentle and focused hands. Filigree work in Silver produces some truly spectacular results and silver Filigree jewellery is very popular in India. A work of simplicity and serenity, the Vel necklace is truly reminiscent of a luscious vine. The necklace is conceptualised in-house and is entirely handmade.

Length -
Width -
Necklace: 2 cm
Height -
Necklace: 15 inch (with adjustable locks)
Material -
Oxidized Silver
Colour -
Silver - Oxidized
HSN Code -
Size Chart -
Size Chart