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Ear, Nose & Neck

The Exclusive Jewelry pieces

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Black Beads MangalsutraBlack Beads Mangalsutra
Black Beads Mangalsutra Sale priceRs. 1,500
Tri-Shakti MangalsutraTri-Shakti Mangalsutra
Tri-Shakti Mangalsutra Sale priceRs. 2,000
Double Beaded MangalsutraDouble Beaded Mangalsutra
Double Beaded Mangalsutra Sale priceRs. 1,500
Pearl Halo EarringsPearl Halo Earrings
Pearl Halo Earrings Sale priceRs. 1,500
Silver Chain MangalsutraSilver Chain Mangalsutra
Silver Chain Mangalsutra Sale priceRs. 1,500
Prajakta (Jasmine) EarringsPrajakta (Jasmine) Earrings
Prajakta (Jasmine) Earrings Sale priceRs. 1,500
The Geometry Box: Set of 6The Geometry Box: Set of 6
The Geometry Box: Set of 6 Sale priceRs. 3,000
Classic Pearl ChainClassic Pearl Chain
Classic Pearl Chain Sale priceRs. 2,000
Pearl Bunch MangalsutraPearl Bunch Mangalsutra
Pearl Bunch Mangalsutra Sale priceRs. 1,500
Itihaas Kudi Nosepin: SmallItihaas Kudi Nosepin: Small
Itihaas Kudi Nosepin: Small Sale priceRs. 1,000
Sterling Silver Earrings - Sadafuli (Periwinkle)Sterling Silver Earrings - Sadafuli (Periwinkle)
Itihaas Kudi BugadiItihaas Kudi Bugadi
Itihaas Kudi Bugadi Sale priceRs. 2,000
Silver Kudi Motif Studs (Medium)Silver Kudi Motif Studs (Medium)
Pearl Trinkets: Dainty Pearl EarringsPearl Trinkets: Dainty Pearl Earrings
Sun Charm MangalsutraSun Charm Mangalsutra
Sun Charm Mangalsutra Sale priceRs. 2,500
Rose EarringsRose Earrings
Rose Earrings Sale priceRs. 500
Silver Charm Mangalsutra : SunSilver Charm Mangalsutra : Sun
Silver Charm Mangalsutra : Sun Sale priceRs. 3,500
Kudi Hoop: SmallKudi Hoop: Small
Kudi Hoop: Small Sale priceRs. 2,000
Silver Charm Mangalsutra : KudiSilver Charm Mangalsutra : Kudi
Lotus EarringsLotus Earrings
Lotus Earrings Sale priceRs. 2,000
Flower Charm MangalsutraFlower Charm Mangalsutra
Flower Charm Mangalsutra Sale priceRs. 2,500
Silver Charm Chain Mangalsutra : KudiSilver Charm Chain Mangalsutra : Kudi
The Itihaas KudiThe Itihaas Kudi
The Itihaas Kudi Sale priceRs. 3,000
Silver Charm Mangalsutra : FlowerSilver Charm Mangalsutra : Flower
Bakul EarringsBakul Earrings
Bakul Earrings Sale priceRs. 2,000
Chandrakor Nosepin: Small (Pierced)Chandrakor Nosepin: Small (Pierced)
Itihaas Kudi Mangalsutra ( Big )Itihaas Kudi Mangalsutra ( Big )
Saraswati MangalsutraSaraswati Mangalsutra
Saraswati Mangalsutra Sale priceRs. 4,000
Gulbahaar EarringsGulbahaar Earrings
Gulbahaar Earrings Sale priceRs. 2,000
Three Line Pearl EarringsThree Line Pearl Earrings
Three Line Pearl Earrings Sale priceRs. 2,000
Saraswati EarringsSaraswati Earrings
Saraswati Earrings Sale priceRs. 3,500
Silver Charm Mangalsutra : Parna ghungrooSilver Charm Mangalsutra : Parna ghungroo
Sterling Silver Earrings - Summer SnowflakeSterling Silver Earrings - Summer Snowflake
Itihaas Kudi (Small)Itihaas Kudi (Small)
Itihaas Kudi (Small) Sale priceRs. 2,000
One Bead MangalsutraOne Bead Mangalsutra
One Bead Mangalsutra Sale priceRs. 3,500
Rajanigandha EarringsRajanigandha Earrings
Rajanigandha Earrings Sale priceRs. 1,500
Petals NathPetals Nath
Petals Nath Sale priceRs. 2,500
Itihaas Small Kudi MangalsutraItihaas Small Kudi Mangalsutra
Itihaas Small Kudi Mangalsutra Sale priceRs. 3,000
Pearl Chand BalisPearl Chand Balis
Pearl Chand Balis Sale priceRs. 2,500
Kudi Chandrakor MangalsutraKudi Chandrakor Mangalsutra
Kudi Chandrakor Mangalsutra Sale priceRs. 3,500
Saraswati Mangalsutra : MediumSaraswati Mangalsutra : Medium
Saraswati Mangalsutra : Medium Sale priceRs. 4,000
Silver Chain Charm Mangalsutra : Parna GhungrooSilver Chain Charm Mangalsutra : Parna Ghungroo
Sadafuli Charm NecklaceSadafuli Charm Necklace
Sadafuli Charm Necklace Sale priceRs. 2,500
Pearl Layer EarringsPearl Layer Earrings
Pearl Layer Earrings Sale priceRs. 1,500
Sterling Silver Earrings - Saxifraga FlowerSterling Silver Earrings - Saxifraga Flower
Chandrakor Nosepin (Pierced Nose)Chandrakor Nosepin (Pierced Nose)
Silver Dholki GanthanSilver Dholki Ganthan
Silver Dholki Ganthan Sale priceRs. 3,000
Handmade Kudi Motif MangalsutraHandmade Kudi Motif Mangalsutra